Wisconsin Association for Legal Professionals

A Chartered State Association of National Association for Legal Support Professionals
2022-23 WALP Officers

President - Toni Dahms

President Elect - Joanne M. Schlaikowski

Marketing Director - Hilary Williams

Membership Director - Joni Jakubowski

Education Director - Mindy Pieper

Treasurer - Barbara A. LeCaptain, PLS

Secretary - Karen Dempski, PLS

Parliamentarian - Mary Burns, PP, PLS

Attention Employers with Job Openings!!

Looking to fill a position? 

Jobs posted on our website are custom tailored for the legal industry.  If you have an opening that you would like to post, please send an email to Hilary Williams, President-Elect of the Wisconsin Association for Legal Professionals, at hlrywllms@gmail.com.

Please include your name, the Company name and location, the job title, a brief description of the job duties, experience requirements (if any), your contact information, and an ending date for the posting (if none is provided, the posting will be removed after 30 days).  

Thank you for the opportunity to share your job opening information with our members.


For those of you who are visiting our site...

Since the Wisconsin Association for Legal Professionals (WALP) is one part of a multi-level association, we are constantly striving to offer education and benefits of interest to our members in the legal community statewide. We thank you for your interest in our Association and encourage you to make contact with our Membership Director to learn more about available educational or networking opportunities in your area of our state.

Please check Calendar of Events for meeting and educational conference dates or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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The Wisconsin Association for Legal Professionals was chartered in 1967 as a member of NALS, Inc. (NALS).  It is a non-profit association composed of local chapters. Local chapters are a part of the Wisconsin Association for Legal Professionals and NALS. 

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President's Message


I am so proud to serve as the 2022-23 WALP President!

Whether you are a long time WALP member, a new member, or a visitor, you will find that our association offers many valuable resources. The law is always changing and WALP members have the opportunity for valuable continuing legal education that is comprehensive and relevant.

The NALS and WALP network of legal professionals is an easily accessible support system that encourages growth and development within our profession.  



We are committed to the delivery of quality legal services by providing continuing education and up-to-date information, certification programs and networking opportunities to members and non-members of our tri-level association.


Wisconsin Association for Legal Professionals is the association for providing information and education through its affiliated with NALS, local chapters of Wisconsin Association for Legal Professionals, other chapters of NALS and related professional associations.

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